Custom-Tailored Face Masks

Hey, I’m making masks! In normal times I’d be doing custom work for celebrity clients, creating and modifying the costumes you’ve seen them wearing on stage, in music videos, and at award shows. But these are not normal times!

Instead I am making 100% cotton masks with filter pockets and twisted copper nose wires, crafted to the same level of quality my usual clients would expect. I’m a fanatic about precision cutting, so each mask is carefully designed to make the best possible use of the print in front of me. I’m using a lot of my favorite remnants for the time being, so most of the mask designs are one-of-a-kind!

Each mask is made to order, and so if you want something really specific please feel free to contact me to discuss your concept.

Finished to Your Specifications

Customize each mask with your preferred attachment method! Elastic ear loops are the easiest to put on and take off, but tend to be less comfortable when worn for more than a couple hours. They are also the least adjustable. Elastic headbands (one long loop that goes around the back of the head twice) are more comfortable than ear loops, but not as adjustable as ties. Ties (also one long loop, tied at the top of the head) are the most adjustable and the most comfortable, but take a little more time to put on.

Wearable Art

For the ultimate in mask design, I can add unique sashiko (Japanese-style running stitch embroidery) patterns to your chosen fabric. There are a few finished examples for sale, but I’d also love to create something just for you!

Another way to personalize your mask is by adding a beautiful double-faced satin ribbon in any one of nine colors. Just let me know which mask to put it on! Ties can be easily changed out by simply slipping them through the side casings on the mask.

Keeping It Clean

All masks are washed before shipping and transferred to a sealed bag before going into the mailing envelope. I recommend washing upon receipt as well just to be safe. Masks should be washed after each wearing (having two or three on hand will allow you to rotate them through as needed).

Giving Back

I will be donating 5% of my proceeds to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

Any Questions?

Please feel free to contact me using the form on this page. There is also a phone number there if you need to text or call (text preferred).

What’s the Filter Pocket For?

Although two layers of tightly-woven cotton fabric has been found to be fairly protective, you may personally want to improve that with your own filter material. I’ve left an opening between the layers at both ends so that you can slip in whatever you want. Popular options include surgical masks, PM2.5 carbon filters, shop towels, coffee filters, even just a simple kleenex tissue! Just make sure you can still breathe through it comfortably, and remove your filter before washing your mask. I now have simple polypropylene filters available for purchase.


I am offering four different sizes: child, adult small/teen, adult medium, and adult large. Measure from the bridge of your nose to just under your chin, and match that to one of the “top to bottom” lengths below:

  • the child size is 8 1/4″ across the face, and 4 3/4″ from top to bottom
  • the small/teen size is 9 1/4″ across the face, and 5 1/4″ from top to bottom
  • the medium size is 10″ across the face, and 5 3/4″ from top to bottom
  • the large size is 11″ across the face, and 6 1/4″ from top to bottom

For reference, my head size is 21 3/4″ (hat size 7) and I wear a medium.

Note: Any of the above sizes can be requested in the fabric section!

PLEASE NOTE: These are non-medical masks and do not provide any medical protection!!!

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